About us

How do we work?


Well, as you would expect from an estate agent, we sell properties! The key to our service is we only sell the property that you the customer wants to buy, not something that we want to sell.


Our strict criteria are paramount to our business, as the properties we choose to sell are only of the highest quality whether they be for investment purposes or a detached villa for you and your family to enjoy, or even move too. The reason behind this is simple; we will not sell anything that we do not feel comfortable selling again for you in the future.


The experience of the staff we employ is also a vital and integral part of the company mold. As well as a good local knowledge there must be a deep love for the country and the area, which ensures that all customers can be embraced in the area of choice rather than just have doors opened and closed for them. We feel this is a crucial part of the search for the "perfect" property and will not now, or ever, compromise on this.


Our general experience over the last few decades has been that to ensure your time and ours is not wasted, an in-depth few chats before your arrival are vital. During the few weeks until your trip out here, an exchange of various properties via the internet, emails etc... Can help narrow down your search or just give you an idea of what you can get for your money here.


Once you have arrived our representative will have a portfolio already lined up to show you which fits with the brief already detailed before you've even arrived. Of course, this will often change once the viewings begin and this is where the importance of dealing with an experienced company shines through.


It's important for the representative to have a face to face chat with you about your dreams, wishes and crucially finances. These are all outside factors that can change the line up of property, and might bring something else to the representative's mind that would be ideal for you! Remember we will be open and honest about the whole process, we ask the same in return.


If we've done our jobs correctly the next few days will be spent showing you property that you love! Or at the very least shortlisting a few areas for you. And, from there we start our relationship until you find your ideal home in Portugal.


Of course, all the related financial advice and legalities will be provided when requested by you if you get to a point of interest.


The key thing to finding a property here is to relax, enjoy it and most of all have fun. Oh, and of course making some money from your investment is quite important also.


Mission Statement


Our main aim here at IRG Property is to make our customers remain our customers for life. To achieve a level of customer satisfaction that, although not perfect, is to a level that we too would wish to achieve with our dealings on a day to day basis. Achieving this goal is and will continue to be a challenge, with staff training and services being improved and restructured to suit our customer's continuously evolving requirements and needs.

In this business there are many companies to choose from, most provide what they say they will, but we wish to provide more than the "standard" of service expected.

To under promise and over deliver to the benefit of our customers and ultimately ourselves as well. This company is a collective group of people focusing on the long term providing a comfortable platform for our customers to voice their concerns and praise freely, whilst benefiting from our vast experience in the property market.



Who Are We?


IRG Property is a group of property investors that over the years has formed a partnership and offered our services to you, the consumer, in an attempt to ensure there is a company that provides the help and advice that we didn't have when we bought our first properties.


Complying with all the duty bound legislation in Portugal regarding real estate companies, our licenses are all up to date and our partnership network is made up ONLY of registered companies. A key benefit to dealing with a real estate agent who complies with this legal requirement provides indemnity insurance for you as a consumer should anything unexpected happen.


Portugal is a safe place to buy, but there are still pitfalls to look out for. Unfortunately, we have experienced most of them! This is why our goal is to make sure you don't!


Our objectives are simple:


  • To fulfil your property requirements as closely as possible
  • Providing unbiased help throughout the purchase process and beyond including:
  • Financial Advice - Mortgage and Taxation Provided free of charge
  • Property Management and Rentals division
  • Interior design - Custom design, or rental packages
  • Legal and Contractual advice
  • Offer stress-free days of viewing of not just countless property but the areas as well, especially important for retirement or a permanent move.
  • Property executives who understand the buying process and the time involved in making such a commitment, who will offer specialist advice whilst building a long term relationship with during your search, no matter how long it takes.


Whether you have a plan spanning the next few years or are planning on buying immediately, the sooner we know what you need, the sooner we can start working to help you.


Whether you want to make an appointment or just have a chat drop us a line today!