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The Golden Visa, Portugal Property


Portugals Golden Visa program was cancelled at the start of 2023 and those looking for a traditional "home" to qualify will no longer be able too. There does remain an option of purchasing a property that is classified as a "touristic resort" which would generally be a hotel style property.  If this would be of interest, please Contact us and we'll be happy to let you know what resorts currently qualify.

Portugal's Golden Visa program was introduced by the Portuguese government in 2012 and has since generated over €4billion of investment in real estate. The goal was to encourage investment from non-European nationals to move, live and work in the country by way of a Golden Visa, thereby boosting the economy. One of the key draws of this program is of course a, relatively, simple way to gain free movement throughout Europe. This has proven to be hugely popular with the top 5 countries investing being; China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa & Russia.



How does Portugal's Golden Visa work?


The premise of the Golden Visa in Portugal is fairly simple. In exchange for a sizeable investment you and your family will be eligible for permanent residency in Portugal and, after five years, have the option to apply for Portuguese citizenship.


The key benefits of the Golden Visa program are listed below:


  • Free movement through any of the 26 Schengen Area
  • All family members can be included within the Golden Visa application, including children, spouse and parents, all with the same benefits
  • Investment in a safe and secure country
  • Further tax benefits in the way of apply to become a non-habitual resident of Portugal, which exempts most income tax for 10 years
  • After 5 years you and your family can apply for full Portuguese citizenship
  • No requirement to stay in Portugal for more than 14 days per year (non-consecutive), which can be helpful if transitioning from another country in the first few years



Golden Visa in Portugal - How to qualify


Any non-EU/EFTA nationals can apply for the Golden Visa program (investors from the UK or any other EU/EEA country do not need a Golden Visa, but must instead register their stay and apply for residency) or the Portuguese investor visa. The qualification process is fairly straight forward and as long as the applicant can invest in any of the following, whether as an individual or business entity set up in an EU member state they can apply for the Golden Visa;


  • Transfer of capital to Portugal of over €1,000,000
  • Create a business opportunity with new employment for a minimum of 10 people in Portugal
  • Investment in real estate of at least €500,000, this can be any type of real estate. Villas, apartments, commercial shops etc... The property must be located inland, or in Azores or Madeira, Porto, Lisbon and populated coastal area's are no longer valid since 5/2/20.
  • Invest in various scientific, artistic, heritage sites to the value of at least €350,000
  • Purchase, for renovation, the real estate of at least 30 years old, in an urban regeneration area with a value of at least €350,000
  • Investment of a minimum of €500,000 in small or medium businesses in Portugal


The program is essentially a fast track to Portuguese residency, which allows of course full and simplified movement throughout Europe.

Following the successful application the applicant with be issued with a temporary residence permit for 12 months, renewable for 2-year intervals. After the 5th year, the holder can apply for permanent residency in Portugal, after 6 years Portuguese citizenship can be applied for.


How to apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal


 Applying for a Golden Visa in Portugal



The process for the Golden Visa application is fairly straight forward, at least by Portugal's standards. One must complete a pre-registration online with the Portuguese Immigration Servcies (SEF), the website can be found HERE

Of course, many clients will choose to have their duly appointed lawyer carry out this process for them, in which case you will need to sign a Power of Attorney (also needed in most cases for the purchase of your property in Portugal) which must, in turn, be presented to SEF.

If you prefer to do things in person, you can also submit your Golden Visa application directly to SEF. All you need to do for this, is to find the nearest branch of SEF and call to schedule an appointment. (We have branchs in Faro, Portimao, Albufeira & Tavira)


What documents do you need to apply for a Portugal Golden Visa


Of course, the most important thing you need is to find the property here that you want to buy! Assuming we've found that for you and you're ready to move on with the application you'll need to present, either to your lawyer or directly to SEF, all the following documentation;


  • Passport(s)
  • Proof of your legal entry in Portugal, (whether a short term stay visa or similar)
  • Criminal record certificate from your country of residence
  • Proof you have health insurance
  • Proof all compliance with any Social Security and/or tax obligations
  • Proof of payment for the Golden Visa application fee


These are the basic documents required for the application. In addition to these, you will need to show the means to which you will be able to support yourself or your business, for the upcoming five years.


Typically these would be;


  • Bank statement(s) showing ample funds for living expenses
  • Contract's showing the creation of employment
  • Deeds for the purchase of property or real estate investment


When renewing your Portuguese Golden Visa you will have to submit further evidence of your ability and commitment to fulfil the terms of the Visa application. i.e. ongoing employment opportunities, viable level of funds etc..

The time frame for the issuing of Portugal's Golden Visa is typically a few months from submission.


How much does it cost to apply for Portugal's Golden Visa


The Portuguese government has set the following fees for the application, submission and subsequent renewals for their Portuguese Golden Visa;


  • Initial application fee - €527.60 (plus €82.30 for each family member)
  • Approval fee for the Golden Visa - €5,274.40 per visa holder
  • Renewal fee, after the first and third years - €2,637.20 per visa holder
  • Renewal fee for the subsequent years - €527.60 (plus €82.30 for each family member)

If you're using a legal representative for the application process then you would expect additional costs on top of this for preparing and submitting the initial application and renewals. Expect around €5,000 for the initial application and around €1,000 - €2,000 for the renewal, depending on the applicant.


Help with Portuguese Golden Visa application


Here at IRG Property, we understand that moving to a new country can be daunting and along with finding a property you want to live in, as well as uprooting and moving around the world can be a lot to take in. This is without throwing in another language and a somewhat bureaucratic system!
However do not fear, we're here to help guide and advise you every step of the way. From finding your perfect property here in Portugal, setting up your bank account and getting the stamp on your Golden Visa, oh we're also happy to help you celebrate your "moving in day" with you too!
Need help? Give us a call now and see how we can really make a difference in your move to Portugal!