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Sell your property in the Algarve quickly and hassle-free


Our unrivalled experience in, not just, Algarve property sales, but international sales offers an insight into the sales and marketing process that few agents can offer. Along with our extensive marketing both online and via our broad network of partnerships throughout Portugal and Europe. Our goal is to put you in a position to achieve maximum exposure with minimal effort. Contact us today and we can have your property online and across the world in 48 hours or less!


The Algarve property market is an interesting and complicated one. For those that are inexperienced in property transactions here, it can be a slightly confusing process. A missing document, or a "forgotten" extra room built onto the property years ago can quite easily be the difference between selling your property, or having it sit on the market for years.


As the real estate market here in Portugal has picked up there's an endless loop of new estate agents opening and closing, why? Because to do this job properly, takes time and experience, to invest 6 months into a sale to have it fall down due to forgetting to check one piece of, seemingly non-important, paper can be quite disastrous to all parties involved!


Our commitment to you is to uphold the highest standards of professionalism whilst helping you make the best real estate decisions with your property in the Algarve.



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Comprehensive marketing & sales strategy

Whether you're selling an apartment, villa or sprawling luxury mansion in Quinta do Lago, the method is the same. The key to how quickly you sell the property, or indeed IF you sell the property, is the price. Everything else is secondary, at least to a point. Our approach is simple;
  • Carry out an in-depth and thorough analysis of your property. Using comparable properties in the immediate vicinity including properties recently sold as well as those on the market to establish the value of your home in the current property climate
  • Provide a recommendation on the price point for your property, based on our market assessment.
  • Widespread publication of your property on the leading property portals worldwide as well as our own compilation of websites.
  • Networked throughout our expansive partnership’s both locally and internationally offering the best and most diverse exposure possible for your property
  • Print advertising in various local and UK based publications


Presentation of the property on online platforms, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, A Place in the Sun, Greenacres etc. is an important part of the sales process. Visually the property must be eye-catching and for that, you need a quality selection of photographs with a catchy description and for villas and larger properties, drone shots are now something anyone selling a property here in the Algarve should expect as the norm. Video presentations can also be a bonus to attracting potential buyers to your home, all of this we at IRG Property provide for our clients as standard.



What do I need to list my Algarve Property?


For most owners the easiest way to get the paperwork required for us to prepare the Mediation contract (this is a legally required document, which means without it, legally your property cannot be advertised anywhere) is to put us in contact with the lawyer that you bought the property with, and we'll get everything we need via them and send you the completed contract to verify and sign. We do provide a bi-lingual contract so you don't have to worry about signing something you don't understand.


Below is the list of documents needed for us to prepare the contract and list the property, once we receive all of these we are ready to get your property officially online!


All the following can be obtained from your local town hall and the finance department (although your lawyer should have a copy of all on file):

Alvará de Licença / Licença de Utilização – (Habitation & Building License)
These documents show the property has been built in accordance with the local council’s plans (cãmara) and specifications and the property has been inspected and subsequently approved for habitation.  Properties built prior to 1951 do not require this license, a Certificate Certidão is however required in its’ place.

Caderneta Predial – Finance Department registration
This document shows the information of the property along with the financial values as recorded at the finance department for the purpose of the IMI / council tax rates.

Certidão de teor Registral / Certidão Permanente – Property registration certificate
This document confirms to whom the property is legally registered too, along with a description of the property and the legal sizes of both the house and the plot. It also shows any outstanding debts or liens against the property (mortgages, unpaid taxes etc.) This document should match the information contained in the Caderneta Predial, if it does not then this needs to be rectified prior to a sale completing.

Projectos de Arquitectura – Architect plans
A set of “approved” plans should always be made available when possible. This is important to confirm the property is built as per the agreed plans approved by the Câmara. This will always be required for the signing of the deed.

Certificado de Classificaçaõ de Energia – Energy Certificate
This is now a legal requirement for advertising purposes and shows the level of energy efficiency within the property along with the potential usage and suggested upgrades.

Ficha Technica de Habitacão – Technical file
This document shows the method of construction used in the property, along with materials used for the build. (This is required for any house built after 1st of April 2004, or those that had remodelling work carried out after this date)

Escritura Notarial de Compra e Venda – Deed of sale
This document indicates the transfer of the property into the current owners’ name, hence confirming ownership.

Owners Identification
Copy of all owners’ identification is required, either a Citizens card or passport will suffice, along with each owners’ Fiscal number.


What sets us apart from the competition?


Through many thousands of sales, we have fine-tuned and honed a system that makes the selling process as easy, straightforward and painless for you. We walk each seller through the entire sales process step by step up to and including the final deeds and beyond. Our goal isn't to bring as many people to your property as possible, it's to ensure that every client we do bring to your property, is potentially the one that will buy it. Minimal hassle maximum results.


If you’d like to know why IRG Property is one of the leading and most respected agencies in the Algarve and find out how we can help you sell your property, give us a call, our experience is there to be shared.


You can reach a member of our team on 0800 015 9997 from the UK or +351 289 313 325 from anywhere else.