Central Algarve

The Central Algarve - An area that spans from the Western Edge of Faro all the way down to Albufeira's west coast and, some say, as far as Carvoeiro. This geographical area is, at it's furthest, 45 minutes from Faro airport, the importance of this is paramount for holidaymakers who wish to make the most of every minute in the country.
What can one expect whilst visiting this ever-popular area of the Algarve? A wealth of stunning Blue Flag beaches would be fairly high on most visitors "to do" lists. From huge sprawling beaches with water sports and beach bars around Vilamoura for example, or Albufeira, to the smaller quieter (although this is not necessarily applicable during the summer months!) beaches, like Ancao, Forte Novo, Bengali for example, there's certainly no lack of choice if the beach holiday is your cup of tea and the kids will love it.
Of course, the coastline area's are geared up for tourism, with countless restaurants offering all manner of cuisine, streets of bars and nightclubs for the nightlife are also not short in supply if you know where to look, the Albufeira Strip and Vilamoura marina are always popular long into the small hours... However if you want to get a taste of the "real" Portugal and mix with a more local scene then head a little inland, Loule offers a great high street, weekly food markets and a more Portuguese vibe to it than some of the tourist resorts.

When it comes to looking at property in this region, it's a firm favourite for all the above reasons, as along with this allure it stands to reason it's a safe investment. With great rental potential and strong resale potential, there are not many safer investments in Europe than the Central Algarve. Many have chosen this area to invest with a few to moreover, or at least spend a more considerable amount of time here in the future. The wealth of activities year-round, a great blend of local and tourists offer's a very ecliptic atmosphere, and of course, with the easy access to most area's if you have a preference for the quieter Portuguese life you can avoid the tourists altogether should you need some rest!