Eastern Algarve

Eastern Algarve, Portugal

The Eastern Algarve generally considered being everything from the East of Faro to the border of Spain. An area that most consider to be more traditional than the rest of the Algarve. Trading disco clubs for churches, Irish pubs for local bars. Although that has changed somewhat over the last few years.
Although the more laid back towns of Olhao, Fuzeta, and Tavira have the traditional churches, in their abundance, and the traditionally dressed locals enjoying the sun outside their favourite café or bar. There has been a shift away from ONLY traditional establishments in recent times. Perhaps a commitment from the Algarve to embrace change and try and drive a stagnated economy by trying new things. Although many opposed, for example, the huge new shopping centre in Tavira, it’s hugely popular with tourists and many locals too. Convenience can never be under estimated in modern life.
Many have sought Property in the Eastern Algarve as a cheaper alternative to Property in the Central Algarve and although this can be true it shouldn’t be taken for granted as there is a lot more stringent regulations along the Nature reserves in the East and as such properties can be viewed as more appealing due to the limited future construction.

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