Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, Algarve

The most prestigious and sought after area in the Algarve, some might say in Portugal. Centred around a stunning cliff-lined beachfront, various top-class golf courses and lined with some of the most exquisite properties one can buy. Generally considered to be made up of Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobo, you can also include Dunas Douradas and, some would say, Vilamoura within the Golden Triangle remit.


An area that attracts the successful, but also those looking for an all-round holiday environment, with manicured golf courses lining the throughway streets, glorious sandy beaches and plenty of great restaurants and shopping hot spots to keep everyone entertained. There's also a focus on sports and outdoor activities, with the new sports center at the Campus opening recently, a number of tennis centers, equestrian centers and of course golf courses. Something to keep everyone occupied when not relaxing on the beach, or lounging by the pool.


There is a distinct ambience felt as soon as you enter these areas, with their security patrols, well-maintained roads, palm trees running alongside the numerous pavements, cycle tracks, and the endless greenery and beautiful houses. This in part stems from Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobos own in house utility companies, focussed specifically on the external area's of both resorts and ensuring they are maintained, to the highest calibre at all times.


Beaches' and golf are paramount to boosting an area into the "exclusive" category and this is where the Golden Triangle truly excels. With some of the best golf courses in Europe and beautiful golden sandy beaches that are all within a short distance of each area, finding a beach you like is simple.


Quinta do Lago - The Golden Triangle Algarve


Why do we recommend property in the Golden Triangle to our clients?


Properties in this area are always in high demand, irrespective of the world economies. Couple that with excellent rental income and exceptional services it's an optimal area to invest in, with little long term risk due to the lack of development potential in the area. In fact, a great many clients are now looking at older properties to renovate (or in some cases knockdown completely) into their dream home due to a lack of new options and/or plots. Although prices do start from as low as €200,000 for a 1 bedroom property, there is an uncapped upper limit for the more exclusive villas.


One of the fundamental aspects of purchasing in this area is knowing where you'd like to be. Budget will, of course, play a fairly instrumental factor in this, seafront properties in Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobo, do not come cheap and are not in plentiful supply. A compromise many may make is to be set back somewhat from the front line, apartments with sea views are still running over €1,000,000 due to the lack of supply, so working around this is pivotal. A number of the resorts between Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobo offer excellent properties within minutes of both resorts at a fraction of the price.


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